What do you know about Fouad Sarkis?

From the early stages of his childhood, Fouad Sarkis began his mission in the fashion designing industry. At the age of Twelve, Fouad began designing for various Lebanese fashion houses. At the age of sixteen, Fouad launched his first collection and dressed up many local celebrities and was featured as a judge in the “Miss Lebanon” official pageant. 

Carrie Keagan (Actress) while wearing Style: 2144A designed by Fouad Sarkis

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Fouad has recently expanded his international collaborations. He began a Prêt-A-Couture broad production line in Istanbul, Turkey. Fouad’s presence in Istanbul, the city situated at the border line of the east and west, helped him enhance many aspects of both cultures into his exquisite gowns.  

Rania Abo Alnaser (actress ) wearing Fouad Sarkis style 2421A

Ceylan Koynat (Singer ) wearing Fouad Sarkis style 2327

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Roaa Al Sabban (Dubai TV presenter and actress ) wearing Fouad Sarkis style N0072 

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Letoya Luckett-Walker  (Singer) wearing Fouad Sarkis Style 2436 

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Mayessa Maghrebi  (Actress) wearing Fouad Sarkis Style 2257A

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Fouad Sarkis today is a worldwide brand available at all corners of the world for the women in search of a unique and daring couture gown. 

We can’t wait to lunch fall winter 2019 collection by Fouad Sarkis under campaign in our website in few weeks, watch the video for some new designs and enjoy 


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