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Our Story


Like most girls, I spent 3 to 4 hours a day looking at dresses online. Unlike physical stores, the internet offered more unique and beautiful styles that were incredibly hard to find locally.

Living in the Middle East, online shopping has always been difficult due to shipping limitations and outstanding fees.

I decided to take action!

My cousin's wedding was nearby and like any bride she was stressing to find her dream dress. I wanted to help her find it and I started to browse all over the internet for that special dress. I finally found a gorgeous one that I knew she fell in love with, but the idea of buying it from the internet seemed intimidating and impossible to her so she eventually rented a wedding dress, which I am pretty sure she disliked, from a local shop.
That did not stop me! I went behind her back and bought the bridal dress she loved anyways. Guess what? After she saw it live, she immediately returned the dress she had rented back to the local shop and fell in love with her new dream dress.

During her big day, all our family, friends and guests seemed so intrigued and fascinated by the dress; they kept asking me where I bought it?
At this moment, I was so proud of myself that it was time I made that big decision – I am going to start selling the most elegant dresses online.

It was definitely a huge challenge and was definitely life changing. My first dress I sold was bought by one of my friends and as you can imagine, the profit was very little because I wasn't a wholesaler, but a middleman between American websites and local customers instead.

Trying to increase my sales, I sent multiple e-mails and performed many phone calls to so many designers, however unfortunately the answers were always the same: either they needed huge amounts of money as deposits or they needed retailers with physical shops.

Until one day, I got the golden reply from a big designer's line which agreed to me selling their dresses on their behalf and even though they had certain requirements, I was fortunate to be able to fulfill them all.
This story took place in 2009 and a lot has changed since then. I created four startups and all of them failed, but again that never stopped me because I was so persistent in pursuing my dream. My sister joined me and we made a wonderful team. We signed up with huge names in the designing industry like Fouad Sarkis and Versace Jeans. Later on, we slowly created a factory to implement our own designs and we made our private label.

Today, thanks to all of you beautiful girls, we have the most amazing community one could hope for.

So who are we? Just a couple of girls with the coolest job in the world!